Store display cases in different types offer a galore of benefits

Display cases are useful in showcasing and storing products. They include components that offer better viewing. Acrylic and glass display cases are common types of material available featuring durability and also economical alternative with shatter resistance. A plastic or glass display case may be in wood, metal or plastic framing supporting the structure and can be in different shapes such as rectangular, U or L shapes meeting the needs of store display cases.

Free standing styles feature lower profile and are the ideal areas when there is limited space. The display cases can have common dimensions including length, width, height and depth. The storage display cases have plenty of benefits such as:

Functional and versatile showcases

Functional is highlighted as these display cases offer counter space and storage, thereby provide a distinctive way to showcase your items. Placing the merchandise within the display cabinets means you give a higher perceived value to the items and they draw attention, thereby increasing the sales. Display cabinets and showcases are the versatile store fixtures today in retail. These protect your merchandise and also add esteem to your store.

Different types of Display Cases

Considering economical to exquisite, choosing from variety of sizes and shapes is possible. These are labor saving solutions that are customized to meet specifications.

Traditional Showcases- These are store display cases that are suitable for retail stores and are long standing champions.  They are available in long lengths featuring glass display and locking doors, lighting as optional and two adjustable shelves.

Wall Display Cases – From regular to supreme, these display cases provide space and are available now with upgrades to showcase the merchandise. The upgrades include storage drawers, mirrored backs and lighting.

Tower Display cases- These display cases provide space conservation and are unique outlets presenting a clear view of the smaller items to customers. Adding to this, they come with adjustable glass shelves and locking doors making these tower display cases attractive, distinctive and attention grabbing.

Economical Display Cases – These are the all-time and best buy cases that come as two of four-foot showcases. Here one features a register stand, while one has a corner-display case. In fact, buying individual pieces is also possible. To enhance the look, adding optional lighting and using LED lights is helpful.

Modular Display cases – These are ideal for electronic, jewelry stores or any other stores that feature extensive selection of small goods highly priced and also offer ample room. These modular display cases come with adjustable glass shelves and locking doors and there is the advantage of getting it customized. You can also add mirrored panels and lighting as additional style.

Pedestal Display Cases – These are also apt as store display cases that are functional and eye-catching. They are designed to be the center of attraction. They look really great positioned near your door or in the showroom floor center or anywhere you desire to create a crowd.

Choose the one that meets the needs of your store merchandise and get the right display cases that enhance your store look and offer a clear view of the merchandise.