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When Do You Consult a Neurosurgeon?

Neurology department is one of the important departments of almost all of the reputed hospitals and medical centers. Neurological surgery or what called neurosurgery is the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis, prevention, surgical treatment and rehabilitation of diseases related with or that affect any of the portions of nervous systems including spinal cord, brain, extra-cranial cerebrovascular system and peripheral nerves.

When to consult a neurosurgeon?

Some of the people experience extreme level confusions or memory problems including problems with speaking, changes in personality, extreme problems with memory etc. These are the symptoms of problems or disorder in spine, brain, and nerves. In these cases, the primary doctor will have a thorough check of the symptoms and will refer you to neurologist accordingly. The neurologist will make the necessary tests and recommend the right type of treatment or surgery.  You can make use of the list of top neurology hospitals in the country to select the best hospital of your interest.

Role of neurosurgeon

Certified neurosurgeon diagnoses and treat any of the disorders related to the entire nervous system including brain, spine and all of the areas of the body where nerve plays the role. They treat many of the painful conditions including epilepsy, low back pain, sciatica, stroke, chronic pain and pinched nerves. These conditions can develop from one place and can appear in any other part of the body.

Surgery is not the first step

Most of the people still consider neurosurgeons as doctors to perform complex surgery related to the nervous system. Even though it is true they are the medical experts to engage in complicated surgical procedures related to brain and spine, in most of the cases they prescribe conservative or non-surgical procedures. They try to treat the disease basically with non-surgical means, physical therapy and through anti-inflammatory drugs. In case if your condition still goes worse with these three types, then they the neurosurgeon will take steps to perform the right type of surgery on the willingness.

High rate of success

Indian hospitals and medical centers have developed a lot and make use of the innovative treatment techniques and equipment to assure the best results from the treatment. Surgeries performed by neurosurgeons have become more precise when compared with the past. Updated techniques and technologies allow the medical experts to engage in Minimally Invasive Surgery which means surgery with least invasive methods. Special instruments to make the tiniest incision are used in these techniques to access the diseased area. At present, they also make use of advanced 3d imaging technology to visualize the inner parts of spine and brain. This technology assures extra edge in accuracy and safety to increase the rate of success.

Different types of surgery

Different types of neurosurgeries include Cervical spine surgery, Lumbar spine surgery, Carpal tunnel release, Ulnar nerve decompression, Craniotomy etc. They are divided as General neurosurgery, Functional and epilepsy neurosurgery, Spinal neurosurgery, Neuro-oncology, and Cerebrovascular in accordance with the areas.

At present make use of best healthcare discovery platform online to book your consultation with the best neurology hospital in India to be free from the painful conditions related with the nervous system.

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